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Value orientated

work force provision to public contracts and schemes

Safe and quality workmanship delivered consistently. Care for environment today, to protect it for the future.

The Service

Active Ground & Garden Maintenance  is a reliable, well-resourced and experienced provider of Grounds Maintenance services to councils, government departments and infrastructure authorities across the East Midlands. With extensive experience in the public sector, Active Ground & Garden Maintenance  prides itself on providing excellent service and performing our contracted duties without compromise.

• Grass Cutting


• Shrub Bed Maintenance


• Hedge Maintenance


• Weed Control


• Planting Services


• Site Improvements


• Leaf Clearance


• Winter Maintenance



For further information about any of our projects or if you would just like to make a general enquiry please contact us at the following:

Active Garden & Ground Maintenance,

22 Big Barn Lane, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 3LS

Daytime Tel: 07766 251 274

Evening Tel: 01623 628 036

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Active Garden Maintenance are Fully Qualified & Licensed In The Use Of Pesticides & Chemicals We Can Remove All Weeds In A Lawn With One Single Treatment

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